Projects Awarded

North and South America

Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in North and South America with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • Youth Haitian Empowerment Exchange ProgramJérémie/Grand'Anse, Haiti(2022)

    Youth Haitian Empowerment Exchange Program has been held under the campus of Saint Louis High School with fifteen (15) young community leaders (High School students) from all over the country (around seven municipalities). During these two weeks in-person program, they had the opportunity of receiving different training on peacebuilding, human right respect, leadership and how to become social entrepreneurs from UN officials and a wide range of experts.

    Genre: | Lead Name: Love-Kendy Jourdan & Keisha William

  • The JOY FoundationKingston, Jamaica(2021)

    The JOY Foundation Summer Program ran for two weeks from August 9th to August 20th. It took place online via Zoom. It was held for thirteen girls between the ages of 14 and 17 who lived at the Homestead place of safety. It occurred each day for four hours from 9am to 1pm.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Deborah Madden & Sulan Bailey

  • Living the Sustainable Life!Lima, Apurimac, Cuzco, Loreto, Piura., Peru(2020)

    To educate teenagers about sustainable measures to be implemented in our country and carry them out.

    Genre: Education & Environmental | Lead Name: Leini Maria Miranda Condori & Carmen Rubi Miranda Condori

  • Don’t take my futureColima, Mexico(2020)

    A climate action forum for youth and stakeholders that urges the State to declare Climate Emergency.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Carlos Christian Montes Covarrubias & Hideki Diego Harada Oyakawa

  • Kindergarten of ZacatecolucaLa Paz, Zacatecoluca, El Salvador(2020)

    The improvement of playground and creation of an art workshop.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Karla Gabriela Herrera Quintanilla

  • Hector Foundation Summer ProgramDelmas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti(2020)

    It is a two-week education-oriented program for High School students

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Kissinger Ariel Junior Charles

  • Lift for LifeKingston, Jamaica(2019)

    Transformative workshop for underprivileged teenagers, aiming to create World Changers.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Esther-Gail Fraser

  • 69 paísesGreater Mexico City, Mexico(2019)

    A documentary series exploring the segregation of the indigenous peoples in Mexico City

    Genre: Peacebuilding | Lead Name: Angel Benjamín Pérez Camargo

  • Put your color! Mets ta couleur!Québec, Canada(2018)

    We will travel to different First Nation communities in Canada and offer art workshops to youth aged from 15 to 21 year old, working together to create an art project in the form of a painted mural. Our ultimate aim is to promote expression.

    Genre: Art | Lead Name: Takashi Yabuta & François Lépine- Cossette

  • La 72; que la conozca el mundoTabasco, Mexico(2018)

    We will do voluntary work and shoot a short documentary in an immigrants house in Mexico. And will use megaphone that is the UWC community to spread the voices of this forgotten group internationally.

    Genre: Documentary | Lead Name: José Ginocchio & José Luis Treviño Illsley