Apply for a grant of up to $1,000 and put the mission into action when you leave!

Commonly-asked questions

Below are questions (and responses) which have been asked by students/co-ordinators in the past, which you may find helpful in preparing your application.

  • “Can students from different UWC schools/colleges work together as part of a team for the same project?”
    Absolutely, we love to see applications from students working across the UWC network.
  • “Can we have more than one team leader?”
    The application form allows for joint team leaders, however if a project has multiple leaders, then the roles of each team leader must be clearly outlined in the project application.
  • “A student already has her team and is involved in social entrepreneurship trainings for children in Morocco. She is the only UWC student in the group and they have already started the project, the GoMakeADifference funding would help them to expand their project. Can she still apply and get the funding for her partially non-UWC group?”
    On the margin this is OK. We would prefer a higher % of UWC students, and we would prefer them to be starting a new initiative. But we are happy to consider the proposal.
  • “How competitive is GoMakeADifference? How many applications do you receive and how many projects do you select?”
    We received over 60 applications each year and in some years have received over 90 applications. We will judge how many projects are likely to be successful, based on the quality of the application and not the quantity.We always use the criteria in helping us assess projects.
  • “Does the entire group have to go to the actual project location? Or can let's say a group of 10 prepare the project and then 5 go and actually do it?”
    This is fine if not slightly unusual. Generally our experience has been a fewer number of people doing the preparation and a higher number going and actually do it. But if they have a good reason for it to be this way around, then it's fine.
  • “Can DP1 students apply and if they get selected can they choose to proceed with the project in the summer following graduation? (We have a shorter summer than most UWCs as we are at school all the way until the end of June)”
    Historically, projects had to be delivered by leaders who were DP2 students. However, in 2022, we confirmed that projects could be delivered by any 1st or 2nd years students studying for their IBDP at any UWC school or college. UWC students of any age can support on projects.

  • “Do you expect the students to apply to you directly? Or do students apply through their college”
    There is a box/field on the application form that must be signed by a member of UWC staff before it is submitted to us.
  • “Do the students apply through the CAS coordinator, and the CAS coordinator screens the applications through some prescribed norms and then forwards the applications to you?”
    We recommend students liaise with their CAS or GoMakeADifference co-ordinator for them to read through the applications and provide feedback as to if there are any areas that could be improved, to strengthen your application. It is important that someone at your college signs off your application. The projects are student led initiatives, but co-ordinators at colleges, can give guidance when they think it's needed to better the project.
  • “I understand the grants used to be for final year students only; can any UWC student now apply?”
    Initially the  awards were set up to encourage DP2 students to make a difference and live the UWC mission on leaving their UWC college, before embarking on their next chapter of life.  However, some students felt they would prefer to deliver projects during their vacation between years DP1 and DP2. This is completely acceptable, as long as the DP1 students can demonstrate they can deliver a successful plan safely and at no risk to them or anyone affected by the project.
  • “I am planning on submitting a proposal for a grant along with my fellow-UWC friend, however we are unable to decide which project to propose to you. Is a team (my friend and I) able to submit more than one proposal if the ideas are different but still equally competitive?”
    Absolutely - sometimes, we feel passionate about more than one cause. So, if you have two projects that you feel you could equally make a difference then submit both applications and they will both be considered on their merits. Good luck!

The seeds of that thought were planted in me through my GoMakeADifference project.

— Rabir Mir (AC03), School Building in Pakistan