Projects Awarded

Projects Awarded

Founded by Colin and Jill in 2001, GoMakeADifference has awarded grants to over 50 projects in 40 countries across the globe making a difference in five regions - Africa, Asia, Europe, North & South America, and the Middle East.

Over 500 UWC participants have delivered GoMakeADifference projects with thousands of people benefiting around the world.

To gain inspiration, see a sample of previous projects on our case studies page.

Where GoMakeADifference has made a difference

The GoMakeADifference team are always impressed at the diversity and geographic locations of the projects delivered. In nearly 15 years, people from 40 countries have benefited from GoMakeADifference – be inspired to make a difference yourself, click on the continents below to see some of the projects which have been delivered.

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