Watch a selection of our past project winners.

Video Showcase

Living the Sustainable Life! – 2020
(by Leini Maria Miranda Condori & Carmen Rubi Miranda Condori)

Čigrin Let – 2020
(by Ivana Bosančić)

On The Grow – 2020
(by Bertha Tobias)

Che-che Plastic Bags – 2020
(by Gevorg Margaryan & Dasha Khamaza)

Adriatic Cup – 2019
(by Julie Tilling Niemann & Etumu Mavie Schoster)

Adriatic’s Library – 2021
(by Azeez Badal Khudeeda & Elisa Mascarenhas)


As a team and as a village, we would like to pass our sincere gratitude to the Go Make a Difference grant scheme – through which a massive difference and impact has been done on the lives of hundreds of villagers in the Kolonyama community. We stand in eternal gratitude to Colin and Jill for creating this selfless grant scheme.

— Nthati & Morero Mofolo, Hydro-Pure project (2021)