Watch a selection of our past project winners.

Video Showcase

Living the Sustainable Life! – 2020
(by Leini Maria Miranda Condori & Carmen Rubi Miranda Condori)

Čigrin Let – 2020
(by Ivana Bosančić)

On The Grow – 2020
(by Bertha Tobias)

Che-che Plastic Bags – 2020
(by Gevorg Margaryan & Dasha Khamaza)

Adriatic Cup – 2019
(by Julie Tilling Niemann & Etumu Mavie Schoster)

Adriatic’s Library – 2021
(by Azeez Badal Khudeeda & Elisa Mascarenhas)


Photo of Umra Omar

I received a GoMAD grant for a HIV Youth Awareness Campaign in Nairobi back in 2002. Here I am now, founder of an organization that is riding on the same philosophy. I am so excited to honor Jill and Colin on the impact that they had in what I do now.

— Umra Omar (Founder/Director of Safari Doctors)