Grants will be given to projects that demonstrate that they can make a difference.

Is GoMakeADifference for you?

Are you excited about the prospect of receiving a grant for your potential project? To be a successful GoMakeADifference grant applicant, projects must meet the following criteria:

Criteria for your GoMakeADifference project:

  • GoMakeADifference is only open to current UWC students. Project leaders must be in their final Diploma year, supporting participants can be in either of the Diploma years.
  • It must put the UWC mission into action, answering a real need of the recipients and leave an enduring benefit to the community they are serving.
  • It should be your own initiatives and creation, but can be within an already existing NGO.
  • It can be carried out anywhere in the world, but experience so far has shown that those students who return to their country of origin contribute the most.
  • The minimum period for a project is one month (excluding travel/start up). You can do the project the summer you graduate or as part of a gap year – you say when it’s best.
  • The project should be identified and carefully planned ahead of its start date. You should produce a well-prepared and budgeted application.
  • Projects with a smaller number of participants will be favoured, in particular one or two people, but some might require more people. Larger projects should be led by one or two project leaders.
  • Grants are unlikely to exceed $1,000 – it is meant to be catalyst seed money.
  • The project needs to demonstrate it can be delivered in a safe manner with no risk to anyone.  We shall be seeking assurances in this regard from your teachers, parents or other relevant people.

When thinking of a project...

  • Develop a project which will leave a significant and enduring benefit.
  • Include a personal challenge for you and any students going with you. Besides helping other people, it is important that you learn some skills and develop your own identity and belief in yourself.
  • Remember, in this regard, small projects may be seen as representing a bigger personal challenge. Try to keep your group as small as possible. If you can do it alone, then go for it.
  • Bear in mind there are advantages if the project is in an environment familiar to the project leader. Far away is not necessarily a benefit. And you don’t have to restrict yourself to developing countries. Developed countries have their problems too.
  • Consider when developing your project plan how the applications will be assessed. Have you covered all aspects to give your application the best chance of success? Our guide will show you how.

Be original! Originality is one way of challenging yourself. Do something you haven’t done before.

Think about the UWC mission statement. Think of a project which helps to foster peace and a sustainable future by uniting peoples, nations and cultures... and then apply for a GoMakeADifference grant!


Photo of Umra Omar

I received a GoMAD grant for a HIV Youth Awareness Campaign in Nairobi back in 2002. Here I am now, founder of an organization that is riding on the same philosophy. I am so excited to honor Jill and Colin on the impact that they had in what I do now.

— Umra Omar (Founder/Director of Safari Doctors)