Grant Process

Are you passionate about an issue somewhere in the world where you want to make a difference, but you don't have the money to make it happen?

The GoMakeADifference Grant Process Explained

Grants will be given to projects that demonstrate that they can make a difference.

Projects should be your own initiative (but, can be within an existing NGO), and must show they put the UWC mission into action, answering a real need and leaving an enduring benefit to the community they are serving. They can be carried out anywhere in the world, for a minimum period of four weeks – maybe over the summer vacation, or as part of a gap year.

Besides helping other people, it is important that you challenge yourself, learn new skills and develop your own identity and belief in yourself.

Projects for one or two people will be favoured, though some might require a small group led by one or two project leaders. Grants are unlikely to exceed $2,000 – it is meant to be catalyst seed money for your projct and help you to stimulate additional funding if required.

2024 applicants please note:

This year, the awards have seen an increase of up to $2,000 per successful project. Hopefully, this will provide an opportunity for a greater range of ideas from UWC students to making a difference. We anticipate offering up to 20 awards to successful UWC students. When submitting your application, remember . . .

Be original! Originality is one way of challenging yourself. Do something you haven’t done before.

Think about the UWC mission statement.

Think of a project which helps to foster peace and a sustainable future by uniting peoples, nations and cultures... and then apply for a GoMakeADifference grant!

As well as making a difference, projects need to demonstrate they can be delivered in a safe manner with no risk to anyone.  We shall be seeking assurances in this regard from your teachers, parents or other relevant people.

The process op applying for the GoMakeADifference grant is outlined below in the following stages. Remember - grants will be given to original projects that demonstrate they can make a difference,
Good luck!

Stage 1 – Think about a project

Think about a project that is unique and special to you and the people that would be affected. A project that is truly significant and offers an enduring benefit – something that makes a difference.

Think about how you would deliver it

Stage 2 – Develop your plan

To help us understand your plan, we would like you to write a project proposal covering:

  1. What you are trying to achieve and how you are going to deliver it.
  2. Demonstrating that you have a properly thought-out plan and that you have considered all the risks and rewards.
  3. Explaining how much budget you need to deliver your project and how you if successful, the money would be spent.
  4. Your proposed timescales for the project delivery.
  5. How you would confirm if your project was successful or not.

The contents of your project proposal should include:

  • Section A: Details of your project
  • Section B: Your proposed plan
  • Section C: Details of you and your team
    • Section D: Your safety statement
    • Section E: Optional - A video presenting your project

    To help you put together your project proposal please view the section 'writing your project proposal' to ensure you have covered everything required as part of your application.

    Stage 3 – Get signed off by a member of faculty

    Prior to submitting your online application, please ask a member of faculty to sign off your project plan.

    Stage 4 – Complete online application form

    The online grant application form allows us to understand a bit more about you, what you have been passionate about at UWC, what activities and services you have undertaken and what your plans for the future are.

    The form will help us to know why this project is important to you and where your idea came from.

    The application form can be completed online.

    Stage 5 – Upload your project proposal

    As part of your online application, we will need you to complete a project proposal (see Stage 2). Please upload this document as part of your online application process.

    If you have any problems scanning in the documentation, then please photograph your application form and attach with your email.

    There is an option to send us a link to any video you may have to support your application.

    Stage 6 – Ensure your application meets the deadline

    The closing date for 2024 awards is 31st January 2024*- please ensure your application has been submitted by that date. Any applications for 2024 awards cannot be considered after this time.

    *Final applications from UWC Waterford South Africa is 11th February 2024.

    Stage 7 – Applications reviewed

    All applications for 2024 are now open. They will be acknowledged and applications will be reviewed by the GoMakeADifference panel by 28th February 2024.

    Stage 8 – Interview with potential candidates

    For suitable applications with meaningful projects, an interview process may take place with potential candidates, either face to face, by email or by video call during March 2024.

    Stage 9 – Grants approved

    All candidates will be notified at the latest by 30th March 2024 as to whether their project has been successful in gaining an award or not.

    Grant funds will be distributed to you via your UWC school/college at appropriate times.

    Stage 10 – If successful...

    If successful, you will need to submit a short report (including photos and possibly videos) no later than two weeks after the project is finished, outlining what your project achieved, the challenges you faced and what you have learned from the project. These reports are vital to inform the funders of the project outcome and are used to help stimulate and motivate other candidates next year to GoMakeADifference – to go and make a difference.


    GoMakeADifference Initiative really allowed me to make a difference somewhere as well as allow me to understand how collaborative work and social engagement can be used to make a positive difference in the world. GoMakeADifference fosters that creativity that you've gained from Atlantic College and makes you understand that you can make a difference and an impact if you put your mind to it.

    — Scott Dwyer (AC12), Clara Gurreso (AC12), Siobhan Weber (AC13), Zoological Enrichment of Animals with Nanjing Zoo