Projects Awarded

North and South America

Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in North and South America with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • Put your color! Mets ta couleur!Québec, Canada(2018)

    We will travel to different First Nation communities in Canada and offer art workshops to youth aged from 15 to 21 year old, working together to create an art project in the form of a painted mural. Our ultimate aim is to promote expression.

    Genre: Art | Lead Name: Takashi Yabuta & François Lépine- Cossette

  • La 72; que la conozca el mundoTabasco, Mexico(2018)

    We will do voluntary work and shoot a short documentary in an immigrants house in Mexico. And will use megaphone that is the UWC community to spread the voices of this forgotten group internationally.

    Genre: Documentary | Lead Name: José Ginocchio & José Luis Treviño Illsley

  • A Second ChanceKingston, Jamaica(2018)

    South Camp Correctional Center houses female juvenile inmates in Kingston, Jamaica. The project aims to enhance their rehabilitation facilities by donating sewing machines. A skill in sewing will increase the probability of finding a job after prison.

    Genre: Employment and Rehabilitation | Lead Name: Joelle Powe

  • Construction of a Greenhouse at “Pytoc – Chillaray” SchoolAyarmaca, Pucyura, Anta, Cusco, Peru(2017)

    Building a greenhouse in an area of of 200 square meters. The objective was to teach the management of food production in the community of Ayarmaca. The project benefited around 160 people in different ways.

    Genre: Construction | Lead Name: Edson Cadenillas Ñaccha & Juana Nataly, Melendez Martos

  • The Triple R ProjectTrinidad and Tobago, (2017)

    A recycling initiative in Trinidad and Tobago, a small Caribbean country with one of the highest CO2 emissions in the world. Aimed to sensitize the public about the topic and increase reducing, reusing and recycling among youth.

    Genre: Environment | Lead Name: Gabrielle Branche & Judith Benk

  • Harvest For LifeMérida, Yucatán, Mexico(2017)

    Harvest For Life consisted in a grassroots approach to the development of a small community of teenagers living in an orphanage through the construction of gardens built around specific nutritional needs, creating links to the wider community.

    Genre: Youth Funding | Lead Name: Luis Antonio Cervera Bojorquez & Nalina Ali

  • Sustainable ItacaréItacaré, Bahía, Brazil(2017)

    Educational project in Itacaré, Brazil, focused on development of environmental awareness and solutions to current problems in the community. Activities for young people, encouraging creativity and intrepidness, but also confidence and self initiative.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Maria Eugenia Perera Visconti

  • Peruvian Children and Teenagers Have Something to SayLima, Andahuaylas, Iquitos and Piura, Peru(2016)

    Junior Alexis Sanchez Prado ran workshops for young people in four cities across Peru, educating children and teenagers about their rights.The seminars presented participants with the opportunity to speak openly about issues that are important to them.

    Genre: Youth Outreach | Lead Name: Junior Alexis Sanchez Prado

  • Campo Grande Seed ProjectMato Grosso do Sul, Brazil(2016)

    A group of UWC students set out to interview members of the community to create a documentary that will educate people about the struggles of the indigenous communities in Brazil.

    Genre: | Lead Name: Jay de Araujo, Iben Moller, Juliana Reolon Pereira, Fernanda Savaris and Rosalie Valentiny

  • We are HaitiPort au Prince, Haiti(2015)

    Teaching craft skills to locals so they can sell local crafts.

    Genre: Skill Education | Lead Name: Sophonie Basquin & Wilsin Pauleus