Projects Awarded

North and South America

Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in North and South America with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • Campo Grande Seed ProjectMato Grosso do Sul, Brazil(2016)

    A group of UWC students set out to interview members of the community to create a documentary that will educate people about the struggles of the indigenous communities in Brazil.

    Genre: | Lead Name: Jay de Araujo, Iben Moller, Juliana Reolon Pereira, Fernanda Savaris and Rosalie Valentiny

  • We are HaitiPort au Prince, Haiti(2015)

    Teaching craft skills to locals so they can sell local crafts.

    Genre: Skill Education | Lead Name: Sophonie Basquin & Wilsin Pauleus

  • Common Soup KitchenN/A, USA(2014)

    Genre: | Lead Name: Hana

  • TennYENTennessee, USA(2011)

    Establish environmental network amongst state youth, share learning, ideas, visit schools to encourage same

    Genre: Youth environmental education | Lead Name: Laura Rigell & Alex Durand

  • Integration for a better MexicoOaxaca, Mexico(2010)

    Integration of teachers and teenagers from indigenous and non-indigenous communities during a 4-week program to encourage bonding of the communities.

    Genre: Education & Conflict resolution | Lead Name: Alejandro Vertiz Margolis & Alexandra Sanchez

  • EducateTarapoto, Cordillera Azul/Rio De Janeiro, Fazenda Santo Antonio, Peru/Brazil(2008)

    This diverse project made a difference to various people in South America. Support included: Working with orphans who were victims of violence to help them to regain trust and develop their potential. Raising environmental awareness and the importance of preserving the Amazon with CIMA at the Cordillera Azul National Park. Teaching English in favelas of Rio, increasing the skill set of teenagers to make them more employable and deter them from crime. Furthermore, the reform of a school in rural Brazil with the help organized from a local engineer.

    Genre: Assisting Orphanage, Teaching English, Reconstructing Schools | Lead Name: Harlem Siu Marino Saavedra, Elisa de Denaro Vieira & Alan Fremder Utria

  • Farming and community developmentPanama, South America(2007)

    This project included building up the agricultural infrastructure of farms, developing communities and increasing the awareness of global inequality.

    Genre: Infrastructure Construction & Community Development | Lead Name: Isaiah Usher

  • Helping to combat malnutritionCocle & Veraguas, Panama(2006)

    By building up the agricultural infrastructure of farms to help combat malnutrition particularly among pregnant women and children under 5. The project also promoted the Patronato de Nutricion programme.

    Genre: Infrastructure Construction & Malnutrition | Lead Name: Michael Smith