UWC Co-ordinators

Do you want to live the UWC ideal after you graduate, but don't have the money to do it?

UWC Co-ordinators

Each UWC school/college has assigned a co-ordinator to encourage students to apply to GoMakeADifference and to give them advice on the project proposals.

Students should contact their school/college's co-ordinator for any guidance or support in the first instance, however if you do need additional help then please email us at admin@gomakeadifference.global


As a team and as a village, we would like to pass our sincere gratitude to the Go Make a Difference grant scheme – through which a massive difference and impact has been done on the lives of hundreds of villagers in the Kolonyama community. We stand in eternal gratitude to Colin and Jill for creating this selfless grant scheme.

— Nthati & Morero Mofolo, Hydro-Pure project (2021)