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Living the Sustainable Life!

To educate teenagers about sustainable measures to be implemented in our country and carry them out.

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Project Title Living the Sustainable Life!
Year 2020
Location Lima, Apurimac, Cuzco, Loreto, Piura.
Country Peru
Genre Education & Environmental
Lead Name(s) Leini Maria Miranda Condori & Carmen Rubi Miranda Condori
Other Organisations N/A
Value $1,000
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Project details:

You can read the full Project Case Study here.

Post-project comments:

In general, we are very grateful to GoMakeADifference! organization for the great opportunity provided, with the schools and teachers who provided us with the spaces and equipment to carry out our sessions and the great work of the team: Leini, Rubi, Fiorella and Briggite.

Likewise, we appreciate the enthusiasm of the students and their impetus and effort to get the most out of our conversations. Being back in the Peruvian classrooms with them and participating in an interesting and transformative reflection was the best way to spend the summer.