Grants will be given to projects that demonstrate that they can make a difference.

Go on... Apply today and start your journey to make a difference

The GoMakeADifference grants are awarded to successful applicants who are students in their final year at any UWC school or college from around the world. Please ensure that you meet the criteria before completing and submitting your application and are aware of how the projects will be assessed. During the current global pandemic, we still very much want to support UWC students to make a difference, but it is vital students do so, in a way that is completely safe to them and everyone affected by their project.

So this year, when applying we request that you tell us –

  1. Details of the project, how it is to be delivered and how it will make a difference
  2. Details about yourself and team members and your motivation for this project
  3. How you can be confident that the project can be delivered safely in the COVID19 environment

Whilst so many people are suffering from the global pandemic we shall only be awarding grants to projects where it is demonstrable that they can be delivered in a safe manner with no risk to anyone. We shall be seeking assurances in this regard from your teachers, parents or other relevant people.

To apply for a GoMakeADifference award, we would like you to submit a project proposal in the specified format and as part of your application please complete the form below. You must upload your project proposal as one document in the specified format. Your application will be reviewed and we will contact you in due course. As mentioned above, we will be looking to recognise and reward innovative projects that can be delivered in a manner that complies with any Covid safe constraints.

Please remember, we do not want you to go ahead running your project if it is not completely safe for you and everyone affected by your project.

APPLICATIONS FOR 2021 AWARDS ARE NOW CLOSED. Applications will be accepted for 2022 awards later this year, so check back soon.


We are really thankful for giving us an opportunity to start GoMakeADifference one tree=one tourist. Through this project, we learnt that there are challenges and obstacles in any start-up project. The people who succeed in these hard times are those who are not afraid to fail. GoMakeADifference one tree = one tourist made us realize our potential.

— Sajjan Karki (AC11) & Julius Bleinroth (AC11), One Tree = One Tourist