Be original! Originality is one way of challenging yourself. Do something you haven’t done before.

Go on… Apply today and start your journey to make a difference

The GoMakeADifference grant is awarded to successful applicants who are students in their final year at any UWC school or college from around the world. Please ensure that you meet the criteria before completing and submitting your application and are aware of how the projects will be assessed.

When applying tell us a bit about yourself and how you believe your project would make a difference. Let us know of any other team members involved, what you are hoping to achieve and how you will deliver your project. We would like you to submit a project plan as part of your application.

Please complete the form below and upload your plan together with other supporting documentation you feel is relevant. Your application will be reviewed and we will contact you in due course.

APPLICATIONS FOR 2019 AWARDS ARE OPENING SOON. Closing date will be 31st January 2019.
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The Go Make A Difference initiative is one of the more progressive ways of helping the underprivileged. The GoMakeADifference initiative actually funds projects that truly understand the needs and desires of the local community. The GoMakeADifference funding has been beneficial in making a difference in improving lives across the world, in areas both near and far.

— Chizitera Njoku (AC12), Yam Production in Nigeria