2021 Awards

Do you want to live the UWC ideal after you graduate, but don't have the money to do it?

2021 Awards List

Below is the list of GoMakeADifference's 2021 winners

UWC students have had the difficult task to come up with projects to make a difference in a Covid-safe manner. It was important this year that any project submitted, could be delivered without putting the student or anyone else affected by their project at risk. UWC students will be making a difference in Africa, Asia, Americas, Middle East and Europe throughout 2021 and 2022. The total value of grants awarded for this year is $13,000.

We will look forward to receiving reports from UWC projects leaders on how their projects were delivered. We love to hear from the students about their projects with photos and videos and a short report where they highlight to us how they made a difference. This helps motivate future students to apply to make a difference. We wish you well!

We could not provide this award scheme without the help of the local UWC school/college coordinators who promote the award scheme and provide much needed guidance and support for students in preparing their application.

Hopefully 2022 UWC graduating students will be inspired by the class of 2021 who will be making a difference and as Jill Longson (AC81) says, “live the UWC mission!

— 2021 Awards (last updated: 14 August 2022, 6:35 pm)
Project Title Project Leader(s) College(s) Project Location
Project Title: Empowerment of Syrian Women Project Leader(s): Wassan Nasreddin & Maryam Abu Khaleel College: Li Po Chun UWC Project Location: Sweida, Syria
Project Title: Puka Project Project Leader(s): Mariadelos Angeles Gutierrez Delgado College: Pearson College Project Location: Pamplona Alta, Lima, Peru
Project Title: "Wel bodi" for Nimiyama. Project Leader(s): brahim Kondeh College: Adriatic Project Location: Nimiyama Chiefdom, Kono District, Eastern province, Sierra Leone
Project Title: Adriatic's Library Project Leader(s): Azeez Badal Khudeeda & lisa Mascarenhas College: Adriatic Project Location: Sinjar, Iraq
Project Title: Ilmomuz project Project Leader(s): Shohruz Junaidov & Tahmuras Pirimov College: Dilijan & Mahindra Project Location: Urmetan village, Tajikistan
Project Title: Stepping up for Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Project Leader(s): Peter maketh Makuei College: UWC East Africa Project Location: Kiryandongo District, Uganda
Project Title: Feed the stray animals in Mostar Project Leader(s): Matthieu Petrov & Amandadela Puente College: Mostar Project Location: Mostar, BiH
Project Title: Project Quandeel Project Leader(s): Mehrimo Bakhtaliev & Christine D John College: ISAK Japan Project Location: GBAO, Khorog 736000, Tajikistan
Project Title: Sport For a Better Future Project Leader(s): Ahmed Ouéfi Diallo & Sylvain Zong-Naba College: UWC Red Cross Nordic & Li Po Chun UWC Project Location: Zorgho, Burkina Faso
Project Title: The JOY Foundation Project Leader(s): Deborah Madden & Sulan Bailey College: UWC Robert Bosch College & UWC Maastricht Project Location: Kingston, Jamaica
Project Title: Live It, Learn It Project Leader(s): Juliana Kidde & Mia Adriko College: Waterford Kamhlaba UWC Project Location: Kampala, Uganda
Project Title: Beyond helping hands Project Leader(s): Tiyandza Mngomezulu & Taanuba Dakora College: Waterford Kamhlaba UWC Project Location: Mbabane, Hhohho, Estwatini
Project Title: Hydro-Pure Project Leader(s): Nthati & Morero Mofolo College: Waterford Kamhlaba UWC Project Location: Kolonyama, Lesotho

The people who succeed in these hard times are those who are not afraid to fail. Go MAD made us realize our potential.

— Plant a Tree, Nepal, 2011