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Live It, Learn It

Live it Learn it — otherwise known as L&L — is a science club for primary school students, dedicated to reinforcing classroom knowledge through low-cost experiments and real-world examples.

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Project Title Live It, Learn It
Year 2021
Location Bwaise
Country Uganda
Genre Education
Lead Name(s) Juliana Kidde & Mia Adriko
Other Organisations N/A
Value $1,000
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Project details:

On June 29th 2022 & June 30th 2022, we held a "Live It, Learn It – Science Camp" with the intention of preparing our participants — primary 4 & 5 students from Bwaise — to start a Live it Learn it Science Club in Bwaise.

You can read the full Project Case Study here.

Post-project comments:

As of right now, we are designing curriculum supplements (the L&L CDs) to be used by primary 5, primary 6, and primary 7 teachers in Bwaise, Uganda. Like our radio show, the CDs will feature low-cost experiments and multiple real-world examples based on content from the primary 5, primary 6, and primary 7 syllabi.

As we do so, we intend to fundraise to finance this part of our project (given that the L&L camp exhausted our GMD Grant budget), as well as work to find an influential figure in the Ugandan science world to endorse the CDs. We plan to distribute copies of the CD to every primary school in Bwaise, and monitor their impact.

What they said:

We will make an effort to continue to build & strengthen platforms for [students] to practice the science that they see, and to use the knowledge and experience that they garner to create and implement effective, durable solutions.

— Juliana Kidde & Mia Adriko