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HydroPure involved construction of the excavation trenches, inserting pipes in the ground, backfilling, and installing the three standpipes – activities performed by the villagers under the instruction and supervision of a plumber and water engineer. This doubled the water taps spread across the village, feeding roughly into 600 households.

— Details at a glance
Project Title Hydro-Pure
Year 2021
Location Lethoso
Country South Africa
Genre Water Supply
Lead Name(s) Nthati & Morero Mofolo
Other Organisations N/A
Value $1,000
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Project details:

You can read the full Project Case Study here.

Post-project comments:

HydroPure has not only been a project name with the idea of representing the general aim of aiding to improve our water system cleanliness and availability, but it has also been a literal manifestation in what it has been able to achieve. It has impacted lives in a tremendous way in becoming a significant water stress relief, and consequently improving the quality of life for a lot of families.

What they said:

It has given a sense of fulfilment. A slight demonstration of how far collective responsibility can go! The joy displayed by our fellow neighbours left [us] feeling content.

— Nthati & Morero Mofolo