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Adriatic’s Library

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Project Title Adriatic’s Library
Year 2021
Location Sinjar
Country Iraq
Genre Education
Lead Name(s) Azeez Badal Khudeeda and Elisa Mascarenhas
Other Organisations N/A
Value $1,000
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Project details:

Post-project comments:

We believe that this project is making a difference on the lives of the children, but also on ours. We used the money to buy shelves, tables, books and decorations. Our team respects and protects human rights and helping people is what makes us alive. 

What they said:

So far, we have achieved very positive feedback. They are very motivated to learn and to have a place where they can do so, together with their friends, family and teachers.

— Azeez Badal Khudeeda and Elisa Mascarenhas