The latest updates and goings-on with GoMakeADifference.

  • GoMakeADifference 2020 projects and COVID-19

    23 June 2020 | Tags: ,

    In the light of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, we have recommended that any GoMakeADifference projects due to be delivered during this summer should be postponed or cancelled.

  • GoMakeADifference announces 2020 awards

    8 March 2020 | Tags:

    GoMakeADifference are pleased to confirm we received 62 applications from schools and colleges across the UWC organisation this year. Timing for submitting applications was very difficult for some students this year especially with the problems related to the Coronavirus and school closures – we wish everyone concerned all the best and hope it’s not long before colleges re-open.

  • UWC students set to deliver 31 inspirational projects

    4 April 2019 | Tags: , ,

    UWC students set to deliver projects to make a difference during 2019

    GoMakeADifference is once again providing financial support to 31 projects around the world, to help UWC students live the UWC mission after they graduate this summer.

    A significant number of applications were received from students representing almost all 17 UWC schools and colleges. This year students were encouraged to provide more specific information in their project submission and were given the opportunity to upload videos to demonstrate their passion for their projects.  The quality and volume of project proposals submitted made judging very difficult.

  • Assessing GoMakeADifference 2019 Awards

    8 March 2019 | Tags:

    WOW – what a fantastic response we have had to the 2019 GoMakeADifference awards! A big thank you to the students who applied and to the UWC co-ordinators who provided advice and helped promote the awards around UWC schools and colleges .

    75 applications were received with all 17 schools/colleges represented across the UWC movement.

  • GoMakeADifference Project Winner appears on CBC Radio

    26 June 2018 | Tags: , ,

    In June of this year, project winner John Michael Koffi appeared on Canada’s CBC Radio to talk about his fascinating journey, his autobiographic novel, and UWC scholarship. Listen to the interview in full.

  • 2018 Winners announced – 31 successful projects

    1 May 2018 | Tags: , ,

    GoMakeADifference is delighted to announce grant awards for 31 projects to support UWC students, to live the UWC mission after they graduate this summer. 2018 will see UWC students making a difference in Africa, Asia, Americas, Middle East and Europe. The total value of grants awarded for 2018 is $30,000.

  • 2018 Applications Received

    8 March 2018 | Tags: , ,

    A massive thank you to everyone who applied for 2018 awards and to the UWC co-ordinators who helped promote the awards and offered advice to the applicants. We are delighted to announce we have received 80 applications from all 17 schools/colleges across the UWC movement.

  • 2017 Winners’ Update

    8 November 2017 | Tags: , ,

    We have been busy cataloguing the 2017 award winners on the website recently, as well as collating reports on this years’ successfully projects from UWC students all over Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

  • Feel inspired – Video overview of previous projects

    UWC students have helped to make a difference in so many ways across the globe. Have a look at this video and be inspired.

  • 2017 Winners announced – 30 successful projects

    22 March 2017 | Tags: , ,

    GoMakeADifference has announced 30 successful projects from UWC students. 2017 will see UWC students make a difference in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean, using the total awards of $30,000.