Assessing GoMakeADifference 2019 Awards

8 March 2019 | Tags:

WOW - what a fantastic response we have had to the 2019 GoMakeADifference awards! A big thank you to the students who applied and to the UWC co-ordinators who provided advice and helped promote the awards around UWC schools and colleges .

75 applications were received with all 17 schools/colleges represented across the UWC movement. The quality of applications this year was the best ever. Many students had taken time to submit a well thought-through project plan and some sent video links where their passion to really make a difference came across, it was great to see.

The task to assess projects becomes harder each year. As Colin Habgood, co-founder said, "We take each application very seriously and assess it against the GoMakeADifference award criteria to help us decide who should be awarded the grants. We review each project plan looking at areas such as personal initiative, challenge and commitment as well as how likely the project is to be sustainable, make an impact and succeed. Whilst it is time-consuming we feel we owe it to the students to review all projects in a consistent manner".

Jill Longson, co-founder went on to say, "Yes, it is a time- consuming task, but one we all love! To see the different ways that UWC students believe they can make a difference is really humbling and rewarding. We recognise that not all students will be successful, but by developing their plans we hope somehow that this will enable those who are not successful, to still deliver their plans without the grant. We’ve found that by developing their plan and application to us, it acts as a catalyst and students still go onto to deliver their projects without our help. It’s fantastic to see such a true testament to the UWC culture".

GoMakeADifference is a UWCx initiative designed to help current UWC students live the UWC mission straight after leaving their school/college. The awards provide students with the opportunity to bring the UWC ethos to life. Colin confirmed, "this year we will be awarding $31,000 of grants to a total of 31 projects. These projects will be delivered by UWC students represented across all UWC schools and colleges. Diverse projects will be delivered in various countries and we are confident that these projects will help to make a positive difference around the world”.

So just to let everyone know we will be making announcements of the successful projects by 15th March.

Best wishes from all at the GoMakeADifference Team and thank you again to all who have applied for a 2019 award and the UWC school/college coordinators for your help and advice.