GoMakeADifference announces 2021 awards

6 April 2021 | Tags: ,

Despite the restrictions for students being able to deliver Covid safe projects, we were really pleased this year to receive a total of 22 applications from students across the UWC who want to make a difference.

We know how difficult it has been for students this year and we did wonder whether we should perhaps postpone the 2021 awards.  As Jill Longson (AC’81) and co-founder commented, “we wondered this year, if students may have too many issues to deal with to submit an application or make a difference in a safe manner.  But we should have realised that UWC students find that extra energy and enthusiasm when it matters.

So once again, we had the hard task to assess some amazing projects, the assessment process just seems to get harder each year.  There were some fantastic, well-thought through, innovative project plans and and many had supported their applications with video links, where their passion for making a difference really came across, it was great to see”.

Colin Habgood (co-founder) assessing the GoMakeADifference 2021 project applications commented, “As in previous years, we review every application based on our criteria around personal development, project sustainability and success. This year, we discussed the projects over zoom calls, making sure every application was considered in detail. We recognise that unfortunately, not every project can be successful, but hope that somehow developing a project plan, can provide a catalyst that may allow some students to somehow still deliver their plan”.

The GoMakeADifference team, would like to thank and acknowledge the help we receive from the UWC Schools and Colleges in helping us to promote the awards and guide their students into submitting their project plans. 

A total of $13,000 will be awarded to 13 GoMakeADifference projects.

The projects awarded were once again very diverse and will see a total of $13,000 being given to 13 GoMakeADifference projects in 2021. Students from 11 Schools/Colleges are receiving grants and 3 projects have students working together from different UWC’s, which is always pleasing to see. The stand out School//College this year, with 3 successful projects is UWC Waterford Kamhlaba, their truly remarkable projects demonstrated they met the criteria across all the areas we look for.

2021 successful projects:

As in previous years, the successful projects were where students submitted well thought through plans, highlighting a level of personal challenge and sustainability and a likelihood to succeed.  This year, we asked students to ensure their projects would be cover safe and not put them or anyone affected by their activities at risk. It was fantastic to see some wonderful innovative plans of how UWC students will be making a difference.

 Some key highlights of projects awarded in 2021 includes:

  • Empowering women in Syria to help them attain a sustainable income
  • Promoting sustainable menstrual practices in developing communities in Peru
  • Providing  toilet facilities and renovating a water system in a primary school in Sierra Leone
  • Installing a library to help children’s education in Iraq
  • Bridging the gap of educational inequality between cities and villages in Tajikistan
  • Solving poor waste disposal and building toilet facilities in Uganda
  • Offering a sustainable approach to feeding the stray animals in Mostar
  • Preparing students in Tajikistan for College/University
  • Renovating an abandoned multi-purpose sports area in Burkina Faso
  • Delivering a one month STEM summer camp for teenage girls in Jamaica 
  • Launching a radio show to deliver science lessons in Uganda
  • Refurbishing a pre school, providing stationery and support in the classroom and establishing a garden in Eswatini
  • Building a reservoir in a community in Lesotho

For full details about the projects projects awarded and those which have been delivered in previous years, please visit the website: