Projects Awarded


Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in Asia with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • “I am not a criminal”Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia(2018)

    We will raise awareness in various schools (Hong Kong and Malaysia), regarding the issue of refugees in Malaysia being viewed by the state as hardened criminals. We aim to give Malaysian refugees at least 300 bags of hope and psychosocial support.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Hei Kiu Au & Gwyneth Goh

  • ASAP Mini-UWC Summer 2017UWC Changshu, China(2017)

    ASAP organizes Mini-UWC Program to develop and spread the idea of “all for action”. Participants from all over the world are encouraged to investigate current social issues, initiate their own projects, and make an impact in their local communities.

    Genre: Social Engagement | Lead Name: Huahao Zhou & Yuxiang Chen

  • Book Book Tuk Tuk ProjectTakhmau, Kandal Province, Cambodia(2017)

    Book Book Tuk Tuk is a mobile library operating in the outskirt of Takhmau Town which consists of different educational activities: reading books, playing games, drawing pictures, and papers folding. It aims to motivate children to go to school.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Socheat Pol & Mean Pring

  • E² (Electronic Education)Baglung District, Nepal(2017)

    Considering the lack of educational resources in Nepal, this projected installed sustainable online libraries powered by solar panels in communities that do not have access to books or internet, improving academic performance of the students.

    Genre: Technology and Education | Lead Name: Drishika Dugar & Elizabeth Dowell

  • Love and Care for Ignored ChildrenMyanmar, (2017)

    Providing a fun space for child workers with the help of young people.

    Genre: Childcare | Lead Name: Su Myat Noe

  • Dreams and InspirationsLuzon and Visayas, Philippines(2017)

    This project is built around the mission of “Providing a safe space for youths to create and spread inspirations, to realize their potentials, and to pursue their dreams.” It was conducted in July 2017 within 8 prospect public schools.

    Genre: Entrepreneurship | Lead Name: Zharina Nikko & Tomas Casil

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Input + Values = Powerful OutputBetong, Sarawak, Malaysia(2017)

    This project was by for students themselves to start their own entrepreneurship efforts. The profits gained are channelled for the school benefits based on their own target.

    Genre: Entrepreneurship | Lead Name: Muhammad Zakwan bin Haji Mohtadza

  • Resettlement Support for North Korean DefectorsSeoul, South Korea(2017)

    The project aimed to assist North Korean defectors in Seoul to overcome their resettlement challenges by organising English lessons in local schools.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Janice Lee & Shermaine Choi

  • Veterans’ Stories DocumentationHong Kong & Sapporo, China & Japan(2017)

    The goal of this project was to interview Japanese and Chinese veterans of the Second World War and document their stories in a free public access online database, preserving these stories for education before it's too late.

    Genre: Preservation | Lead Name: Brett Robert Fafata & Richard Cheung

  • Hearts Over LabelsKathmandu, Nepal(2016)

    For Oshin Bista’s GoMakeADifference project, she spent time at a public school in Kathmandu teaching children aged 9 to 15 about equality and justice.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Oshin Bista