Projects Awarded


Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in Asia with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • In a Pickle SituationMitundu, Malawi(2019)

    Plan to open a small pickle making business for the elderly to help them support themselves.

    Genre: | Lead Name: Khushi Mehta & Akshita Jaswal

  • HEAL- Home for English Acquisition and LearningDak Lak Province, Vietnam(2018)

    Our project seeks to bring homeless people from native English speaking country to bring them to Vietnam and help them start an educational institution to teach Vietnamese youths English communication.

    Genre: Social Support and Education | Lead Name: Jaze Tran & David Dimech

  • China-Japan-South Korea Trilateral Youth ConferenceChangshu, China(2018)

    CJK Trilateral Youth Conference aims to shatter reductive understanding by bringing together 45 youths from China, Japan and Korea to discuss and reflect how culture and history shape our (mis)understanding of each other.

    Genre: Historical Education | Lead Name: Youngwoo Kim & Xueying Wang

  • Peace and MayaTanahun District, Nepal(2018)

    My intended project is a four months World Studies class in Maya Universe Academy in a rural community in Nepal. The aim of this class is to increase their knowledge of the challenges present in the world and also their understanding of world issues.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Vitoria Andrade Carnier

  • B for BricksPhuket, Nepal(2018)

    B for Bricks is committed to creating sustainable projects to support educational development. Our aim is to help the rebuild of schools that have affected by natural disasters one brick at time through the sales of customised bags, straws and covers.

    Genre: Education and Construction | Lead Name: Roba Anna Wani Justus Lobworong & Sanam Tamang

  • Masigla JeepneyMuntinlupa City, Philippines(2018)

    Lending a helping hand to the homeless and abandoned children on the streets of the Philippines through food and education - body and mind.

    Genre: Social Support | Lead Name: Dominique Aluquin

  • Give Nepali children a voice in a safe spacePrasouni, Nepal(2018)

    We will do restoring and general painting activities in 'Three Gyanoday Higher secondary school' in Nepal, alongside creating a library/computer-lab. To add to this we will be organising creative workshops and critical engagement.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Eline Kormelink & Anastasija Stevanovic

  • Project KrishnaSingrauli, India(2018)

    The project is to provide basic living necessities (clean water and electricity) to a rehabilitated village of tribal communities in India who lost their lands to coal mining.

    Genre: Material Support | Lead Name: Apoorba Misra

  • Young Leaders for a Sustainable Future (YLFSF)Metro Manila, Philippines(2018)

    YLFSF is a four-week program promoting environmental, social, and economic sustainability and leadership in the youth. As culmination, participants will formulate projects that each addresses one UN Sustainable Development Goal in their communities.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Paul Gabriel L. Cosme

  • “I am not a criminal”Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia(2018)

    We will raise awareness in various schools (Hong Kong and Malaysia), regarding the issue of refugees in Malaysia being viewed by the state as hardened criminals. We aim to give Malaysian refugees at least 300 bags of hope and psychosocial support.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Hei Kiu Au & Gwyneth Goh