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A Drop For Growth

Drip irrigation systems installed into two farms in rural Maharashtra, within the Palghar region.

— Details at a glance
Project Title A Drop For Growth
Year 2022
Location Maharashtra
Country India
Genre Material Support
Lead Name(s) Abobakar Sediq Miakhel & Zakarya Al-Thawr
Other Organisations N/A
Value $1,000
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Project details:

You can read the full Project Case Study here.

Post-project comments:

“As a team, this project had a lasting impact on all of us. Aside from the increased organisational skills that came with the necessity of tight budgeting and time management, our problem solving skills improved massively, as well as our perseverance towards issues which didn’t seem to have a straightforward answer.

“We learnt an invaluable amount from the people we were lucky enough to collaborate with – the farmers, their families, and the nuns provided fresh perspectives and insight that we are very grateful for.”

What they said:

It felt incredible to be able to put our UWC education into practice and make the theory a reality; this project has taught us that this is possible.

— Abobakar Sediq Miakhel & Zakarya Al-Thawr