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VoHawk: Empowering Rural India

This project was for socially-aware citizens in Mumbai & Pune who would like to support rural entrepreneurs at the same time as buying sustainable, locally made and natural products.

— Details at a glance
Project Title VoHawk: Empowering Rural India
Year 2022
Location Pune
Country India
Genre Rural Sustainability
Lead Name(s) Shakthi Palraj & Devansh Taliyan
Other Organisations N/A
Value $1,400

Project details:

Post-project comments:

“We pitched our idea to around 15 women from diverse backgrounds and age groups from the village. Due to the recent surge in inflation and the impact of the pandemic, the women are very much interested in spending their free time producing products for us and mentioned that our initiative can definitely improve their life.

“More students from the existing trivenis (our school clubs that work with local villages) showed interest in joining us to help build a brand for the village products. Thus, we have a stronger hope to make this project successful.”