Projects Awarded

Middle East & North Africa

Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in the Middle East & North Africa with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • Stepping up for Kiryandongo Refugee SettlementKiryandongo District, Uganda(2021)

    Genre: Construction | Lead Name: Peter Maketh Makuei

  • Adriatic’s LibrarySinjar, Iraq(2021)

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Azeez Badal Khudeeda and Elisa Mascarenhas

  • Empowerment of Syrian WomenSweida, Syria(2021)

    Genre: | Lead Name: Wassan Nasreddin

  • EUWCS (Ezidi United World College of Shingal)Shingal/Kurdistan, Iraq(2020)

    EUWCS is an summer program that aims to build youth to make the change and aims to spread UWCs

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Salman Hussein & Maisser Mirza

  • Dosage of HopeBaalbeck, Lebanon(2019)

    Working with youths to build hydroponics systems, as well as offering educational support.

    Genre: Sustainability | Lead Name: Seraj & Yunlan Li

  • Favouring the integration of drug addicted orphans in MoroccoCasablanca, Morocco(2019)

    Interact and favour the education and integration of orphans who are marginalised by the community.

    Genre: Peacebuilding | Lead Name: Fatima Zahra El Maliani & Wiktoria Grzech

  • Yalla AdriaticLebanon, (2018)

    This projects aims to teach the teenage refugees in Lebanon about the importance of image in finding educational opportunities online. This will be done through presentations and an extended workshop which will improve their self-expression skills.

    Genre: Education and Technology | Lead Name: Sara Abdel Malak & Mustafa Kharnoub

  • EnDGasDilijan, Armenia(2018)

    The project is to solve environmental problem and unemployment. Firstly, we're planning to transform trash into products with 3D printers; secondly, we want to produce biogas with organic trash. We want to create job opportunities to empower people.

    Genre: Environmental | Lead Name: Chia-Lun Yang & Eleftheria- Sofia Dragoti

  • Rhi-ZoneDilijan, Armenia(2018)

    Rhi-Zone is a project promoting the use of recyclable cloth bags and empower local women in Dilijan with sewing skills by giving them an source of income independent from their male family members and by involving them in awareness-raising campaign.

    Genre: Education and Recycling | Lead Name: Yuyang Wu & Jiaying Wu

  • Aagahi English Workshop ChuporsonChuporson, Gojal, Gilgit, Pakistan(2017)

    Aagahi English Workshop is a workshop for English teachers and students where we share new activities and a more student friendly environment of learning English with both the students and teaches. Aims to improve the the way English is taught.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Khuda & Siraj Yash