Projects Awarded

Middle East & North Africa

Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in the Middle East & North Africa with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • Rhi-ZoneDilijan, Armenia(2018)

    Rhi-Zone is a project promoting the use of recyclable cloth bags and empower local women in Dilijan with sewing skills by giving them an source of income independent from their male family members and by involving them in awareness-raising campaign.

    Genre: Education and Recycling | Lead Name: Yuyang Wu & Jiaying Wu

  • Aagahi English Workshop ChuporsonChuporson, Gojal, Gilgit, Pakistan(2017)

    Aagahi English Workshop is a workshop for English teachers and students where we share new activities and a more student friendly environment of learning English with both the students and teaches. Aims to improve the the way English is taught.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Khuda & Siraj Yash

  • Local Issues ForumDistrict Ghizer, Pakistan(2016)

    Noor Bib, Mehrun Nisa and Anila Bano worked together to establish the Local Issues Forum (LIS) and the Educational Space Outside Classroom (ESOC) program. They encouraged young people from across District Ghizer (Gilgit- Baltistan Pakistan) to make presentations about important local issues to help spread awareness and provide a valuable learning experience for local students.

    Genre: Youth Outreach | Lead Name: Noor Bib, Mehrun Nisa and Anila Bano

  • Yemen Gap YearYemen, Middle East(2009)

    To gain an understanding of Arabic Culture. To teach language, social skills, history and music and to further enable citizens to recognise a wider context in the world.

    Genre: Education in Environmental Issues | Lead Name: Boglarka Ivanegova & Emma Seal

  • Baladna ProjectSouthern Region, Jordan(2007)

    Encourage youth participation in politics, fight for reconition of environmental issues and establish local environmental organizations.

    Genre: Environmental Protection & Political Education | Lead Name: Jehad Ayoush

  • Project Co-operationGalilee, Israel(2001)

    Breakdown traditional prejudices by bringing together neighbouring cultures (Arab and Jweish) into one summer camp to facilitate coexistence.

    Genre: Culture Exchange | Lead Name: Elishera Rubin