Projects Awarded


Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in Asia with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • India ProjectDehli, India(2005)

    Teach children english and various arts, raise awareness of the welfare centre.

    Genre: Education & Teaching English | Lead Name: Aparna Bhasin

  • C.H.I.N.A (Creating Hope Inspiring New Actions)China, Asia(2004)

    Spread the UWC spirit and raise money to help children afford a good education.

    Genre: Funding Education | Lead Name: Yap Ken Jae

  • Ujala ProjectMaharashtra, India(2004)

    Set up summer schools to provide deprived and underprivileged children education and teach english.

    Genre: Education & Teaching English | Lead Name: Amritpal Singh Bindra

  • Camp CambodiaPhom Penh, Cambodia(2003)

    Offer children, who are in extreme poverty, an enjoyable break from academic pressures.

    Genre: | Lead Name: Alejandro Alonso

  • C.H.I.N.A (Creating Hope Inspiring New Actions)Sichuan Province, China(2003)

    Teach english and culture. Raise money to allow students to attend secondary school.

    Genre: Youth Education & Funding Education | Lead Name: Bibi Larsen

  • Mithi Ka NadarsaPakistan, Asia(2003)

    Build a school in rural, desert area, spreading awareness of the importance of education.

    Genre: Infrastructure Construction & Youth Education | Lead Name: Rabia Mir

  • Teaching English in ThailandPhetchaburi & Ban Lard District, Thailand(2002)

    Teach english in 2 villages in Thailand

    Genre: Teaching English | Lead Name: Anusha Harid, Kelly Johnson & Nattamon Sarsatit

  • Orangutan re-introductionKalimantan, Borneo(2001)

    Repairing the boundaries and existing structures, constructing walkways and signs to establish an area allowing for the reintroduction of ex-captive orangutans back into the wild.

    Genre: Animal Welfare | Lead Name: Emily Hunter