Projects Awarded


Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in Asia with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • Chitro SocialDhaka, Bangladesh(2015)

    Colloborative social e-business start up, selling Bangladesh hand craft by internet, using 7 social business principles.

    Genre: Social Enterprise | Lead Name: Sakib Jamaal & Md Farhan Haque

  • Play back for PeaceManila/Mindanao, Philipines(2015)

    Using "playback theatre" to start dialogue about Mindanao conflict with Muslim and Christian youth groups.

    Genre: Conflict Resolution | Lead Name: Belce Dogru & Ferna Simbulan

  • Feasibility in Sri Lanka bringing Sinhalese and Tamils togetherSri Lanka, Asia(2013)

    A project to assess the feasibility of UWS in Sri Lanka bringing Sinhalese and Tamils together

    Genre: Education in Conflict zone | Lead Name: Pabana Mendis & Natasha Wickramasekera

  • Environmental Enrichment Programme and Zoological DevelopmentNanjing, China(2012)

    Broaden awareness of NB of quality of environment in zoos, particularly Nanjing zoo, creating two enclosures for leopards and monkey.

    Genre: Animal Welfare | Lead Name: Scott Dwyer, Clara Gurreso and Siobhan Weber

  • One Tree = One TouristSagaratha National Park, Nepal(2011)

    This simple message of 1 Tourist = 1 Tree helped to raise the awareness and motivate tourists to plant trees. Each tourist pays £10 to plant a tree and have their name engraved on that tree.

    Genre: Reforestation | Lead Name: Sajjan Karki & Julius Tian-Di Bleinroth

  • Assisting poor community in Gansu ProvinceGansu Province, China(2010)

    Assisting a poor community in Gansu Province, China, the project enabled non-chinese students to gain knowledge of Chinese culture and Chinese students to assist people in the poorer parts of their country.

    Genre: General Community Assistance | Lead Name: Aggie, Floria, Dazhuang

  • Helping childrenPhnom Penh, Battamburg & Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia(2009)

    This project lasted four weeks. The first week was encouraging children in Phnom Penh away from working at garbage tips and into education. The following 2 weeks was spent helping disadvantaged children in Battamburg. The final week in Sihanouk Ville was with children helped by PSE, carrying out similar activities to that of the first week.

    Genre: Child Education | Lead Name: Kesey Sar & Pedro Alonson

  • India Summer ProjectDehli & Simayal, India(2008)

    Empower rural communities through various development programs.

    Genre: Developing Rural Communities | Lead Name: Viveka Bhandari & Zaffie Cox

  • Refugee Education ProjectThailand, Asia(2006)

    Educate children aged 8-18 in english and art

    Genre: Education & Teaching English | Lead Name: Jue Jue

  • C.H.I.N.A (Creating Hope Inspiring New Actions)Kaili City, China(2005)

    Sponsor poor chinese children for their education, expose children to multi-cultural experiences through interactive games.

    Genre: Funding Education & Culture Exchange | Lead Name: Chow Ling