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Chitro Social

Colloborative social e-business start up, selling Bangladesh hand craft by internet, using 7 social business principles.

— Details at a glance
Project Title Chitro Social
Year 2015
Location Dhaka
Country Bangladesh
Genre Social Enterprise
Lead Name(s) Sakib Jamaal & Md Farhan Haque
Other Organisations Social business youth alliance
Value $1,000

Project details:

Sakib Jamal and Farhan Haque launched Chitro Social, an e-commerce site that connects rural artisans in Bangladesh to the international marketplace. These artisans (who are all female) create homeware products like bedsheets and quilts called 'Nakshi Kantha' – unique, handmade pieces that tell stories about the village in which they were made and folktales.

In the domestic market, these products would earn very little for the artisan who produced them. By purchasing them for a price that is much higher than the market average and making these products more readily available to international buyers, Chitro Social helps Bangladesh artisans earn more money for their skill and hard work.