Projects Awarded


Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in Africa with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • Healthcare support and awarenessJohannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa(2006)

    Provided support in a leukaemia hospital in Johannesburg. The project also increased awareness of domestic, social and economic issues to pupils in a school in Cape Town and successfully ran HIV/AIDS workshops.

    Genre: Hospital Work, Social Awareness & AID Awareness | Lead Name: Katrice Williams & Pila Dwenga

  • Watoto Wa AfricaNairobi, Kenya(2015)

    Share and experience cultures.

    Genre: Culture Exchange | Lead Name: Batool Suleimanji & Chantal Bake

  • The GoMAD AID Awareness ProjectNairobi, Kenya(2003)

    General support, through conversation and donations, for orphans, street children, families and slums who have all been affected by AIDS. Also includes 'theater of the Opressed' which opens up discussion about the epidemic.

    Genre: AIDS Awareness & Education | Lead Name: Ruth Wangechi Wang'Ondu (Shesh), Phoebe Ferris-Rotman & Siobhan McGuirk

  • Ukimwi NamiNairobi, Kenya(2002)

    Educate children, reduce predjudism and increase awareness of AIDS epidemic.

    Genre: AIDS Awareness & Education | Lead Name: Umra Omar

  • Educating poor people and support for drinking waterKuluba, Uganda(2002)

    The project established a base from which poor people could develop in terms of education and provided support for clean drinking water. The project delivered this by encouraging people to work together.

    Genre: Education & Sanitation Improvements | Lead Name: Michael Amane