Projects Awarded


Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in Africa with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • Kenya and Uganda summer projectNairobi & Gulu, Kenya/Uganda(2011)

    Slum in Kibera, Nairobi, clearing water system blocked by rubbish, work in orphanage, in Gulu, Uganda working in Internally displaced peoples camp.

    Genre: Health | Lead Name: Sheila Namirembe

  • Children of the GambiaKusalang, Gambia(2010)

    Teaching, building,

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Stephanie Allen, Caroline Martin

  • Engaging and educating childrenKikambala & Thika / Mbale & Entebbe, Kenya/Uganda(2010)

    This multifaceted project taught environmentally, sustainable farming methods in schools and basic first aid skills. It encouraged the exchange of cultures between UWC schools in Kenya and Uganda and aimed to inspire children to step out of their comfort zones.

    Genre: General Community Assistance | Lead Name: Kwamboka Happiness & Christine Ajinjeru

  • Sanitation improvementsNairobi, Kenya(2009)

    This project involved constructing 4 toilets in order to improve sanitation and reduce the prevalence of disease.

    Genre: Community Construction | Lead Name: Anne Ogake Angwenyi

  • Teaching English and other communications skillsKigali, Rwanda(2009)

    This project engaged orphans in various activities to encourage interaction with people from other nationalities. The orphans were taught English and other vital skills in information, technology and sustainability. They were encouraged to use positive thinking about their situation.

    Genre: Assisting Orphanage | Lead Name: Fabiola Miakassissa & Innocent Mugyenzi

  • HOCET Project 2009Dar es Salaam, Tanzania(2009)

    Build a new dormitory, a road to join orphanage to other main roads, develop surrounding agricultural land to encourage self-sufficiency of orphanage, to teach math, sciences, geography and english, and finally develop a long-lasting partnership with the orphanage.

    Genre: Assisting Orphanage | Lead Name: Thomas Mbise, Jonathan de Leyser, Abby Morgan & My Tra Dang

  • Community supportFajara & Kusalang, Gambia(2008)

    This diverse project included support in the building of an extension to a local school enabling them to expand their intake of students. Other activities included assembling specialist medicated bed-nets in houses in the Kusalang Village and teaching younger students in Fajara to swim.

    Genre: School Construction, Teaching Swimming & Assembling Bed-nets | Lead Name: Caroline Martin & Stephanie Allen

  • HOCET Orphanage TanzaniaDar es Salaam, Tanzania(2008)

    Assist running of orphanage due to lack of personnel. Help to build a school. Teach in the orphanage.

    Genre: Assisting Orphanage | Lead Name: Kado E. Damball, Rahel Dette, My Dang & Llaima Cardenas

  • HIV/AIDS supportGaborone, Botswana(2007)

    The project helped to improve the lives of people who had been affected by HIV/AIDS.

    Genre: Assist HIV/AID patients | Lead Name: Sadi Kakhu

  • Social and farm workAntananariv, Ranomafana & Tamatave, Madagascar(2007)

    The project delivered across 3 locations in Madagascar included: engaging in social work in a small village near a garbage dump; working on farms around the surrounding national park and helping with environmental and health education programs.

    Genre: Health Education & Environmental Protection | Lead Name: Zeph Pendleton & Ranaivo Rajaonson