2024 Awards

Are you passionate about an issue somewhere in the world where you want to make a difference, but you don't have the money to make it happen?

2024 Awards List

Below is the list of GoMakeADifference's 2024 winners

$40,000 is being awarded to 22 teams of UWC students who have been successful in this year’s GoMakeADifference applications. 125 applications were submitted this year (a new record), offering innovative ideas from students across the UWC network as to how they hope to make a difference.

The quality of applications was very high, with so many well thought through plans, which clearly laid out the project concept, proposed timescales and budgets. So many plans outlined how, if students were successful, people would benefit from the projects.

Thank you to everyone who applied.

— 2024 Awards (last updated: 4 March 2024, 1:01 pm)
Project Title Project Leader(s) College(s) Project Location
Project Title: Let's Talk Clean Cooking Project Leader(s): Abigail Ochanda College: Waterford Kamhlaba UWC Project Location: Mbabane, Eswatini
Project Title: Bridge Of Words Project Leader(s): Minseo Kim College: UWC-USA Project Location: Seoul, South Korea
Project Title: Project 21 Kenya Project Leader(s): Martin Agany & Falastin Mohamud College: UWC East Africa / UWC Dilijan Project Location: Kakuma, Kenya
Project Title: Building Bridges Between Cypriot Youth Project Leader(s): Feray Karaismailoglu & Defne Oychum College: UWC Adriatic Project Location: Kantara, Cyprus
Project Title: The H2O Helpers Project Leader(s): Mayenziwe Mpila College: Waterford Kamhlaba UWC Project Location: Nkoyoyo, Eswatini
Project Title: Stars Under The Refuge Project Leader(s): Zamir Ahmed, Yoonis Faisal Aabi & Jimcale Kayse College: UWC ISAK Japan / Waterford Kamhlaba UWC / UWC Thailand Project Location: Hargeisa, Somalia
Project Title: Let's Talk About Sex Project Leader(s): Tang Wu & Elisabeth Grethe Froholdt College: UWC in Mostar Project Location: Suzhou, China
Project Title: H2ope For Kachorwa Project Leader(s): Aman Kumar Jayswal & Ziyin Yuan College: UWC Atlantic College Project Location: Kachorwa, Nepal
Project Title: Germ-Free Latrines For All Project Leader(s): Puri Rebecca Goyo College: UWC Dilijan Project Location: Kiryandongo, Uganda
Project Title: Qadra Project Leader(s): Rahma Ibrahim & Noor Abdelaal College: Li Po Chun UWC Project Location: Zagazig, Egypt
Project Title: CultureLink_: Bridging Norwegians and Immigrants Project Leader(s): Dominic Rabeszko & Utkir Sayfullaev College: Li Po Chun UWC Project Location: Kristiansand, Norway
Project Title: Dignity Champion Project Leader(s): How Mo Chang College: UWC East Africa Project Location: Tanzania / Malaysia
Project Title: Set-Up Sensei Project Leader(s): Paul Rempe & Sep Menzing College: UWC Atlantic College Project Location: Wales, United Kindgom
Project Title: Rumah Kemanusiaan Project Leader(s): Lauwisa Dewi Sanjaya College: UWC-USA Project Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Project Title: Youth Academy of Leadership Makhnivka (YALM) Project Leader(s): Olena Naumenko College: UWC Maastricht Project Location: Makhnivka, Ukraine
Project Title: Beyond Stigma In Tanzania Project Leader(s): Sabitina Mboya & Sandra Lema College: UWC Atlantic College Project Location: Dar es Salam, Tanzania
Project Title: Sano Koshish: Starting From You And Me Project Leader(s): Saugat Mishra & Shristi Tamang College: UWC-USA Project Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Project Title: Hope's Hearth Project Leader(s): Ayesha Khairullah & Fatima Khairullah College: UWC-USA Project Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Project Title: Keep A Child At School Project Leader(s): Atem Manyok Atem & Rhea Chauhau College: UWC East Africa Project Location: Adjumani, Uganda
Project Title: Food On Wheels Project Leader(s): Lhana Cruz & Keziah Bayson College: UWC Adriatic / UWC South East Asia Project Location: Tondo, Philippines
Project Title: Villagers Deserve Support Project Leader(s): Awa Diop College: UWC-USA Project Location: Darou Mousty, Senegal
Project Title: Youth-Led Research And Advocacy For Peacebuilding Project Leader(s): Danaelle Rebecca Francois College: UWC Robert Bosch College Project Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The seeds of that thought were planted in me through my GoMakeADifference project.

— Rabir Mir (AC03), School Building in Pakistan