Projects Awarded


Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in Europe with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • Youth Academy of Leadership Makhnivka (YALM)Makhnivka, Ukraine(2024)

    YALM targets the lack of village youth participation in the leadership and politics in Makhnivka, UA.

    Genre: Social | Lead Name: Olena Naumenko

  • Set-Up SenseiWales, United Kindgom(2024)

    Set-Up Sensei aims to make martial arts more accessible as it is the best mental health booster.

    Genre: Health | Lead Name: Paul Rempe & Sep Menzing

  • CultureLink_: Bridging Norwegians and ImmigrantsKristiansand, Norway(2024)

    Making a social software solution that helps immigrant groups in Norway integrate into society.

    Genre: Social | Lead Name: Dominic Rabeszko & Utkir Sayfullaev

  • Saving the OceanNuuk, Greenland(2020)

    Producing environmentally friendly coffee cups

    Genre: Environmental | Lead Name: Nuiana Hardenberg

  • Čigrin LetZagreb, Croatia(2020)

    Specially designed sports program for individuals with special needs

    Genre: Healthcare | Lead Name: Ivana Bosančić

  • Сhe-Che Plastic BagsDilijan, Armenia(2024)

    To fight single-used plastic pollution, we create reusable mesh bags by hiring women from Dilijan.

    Genre: Environmental | Lead Name: Gevorg Margaryan & Dasha Khamaza

  • Cancer Awareness ArmeniaDilijan and Yerevan, Armenia(2020)

    This project aims to raise awareness and improve the quality of life of cancer patients in Armenia.

    Genre: Healthcare | Lead Name: Paloma Frojan

  • The Female Humans of WarEnsdorf, Germany(2019)

    Interviewing Syrian women refugees in Germany about their war experience and writing a blog about it.

    Genre: Refugee support | Lead Name: Hala Murad

  • Rujište AfforestationRujište & Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina(2019)

    Planting 1500 trees a year to repair forest fire damage and promote environmental stewardship in BiH

    Genre: Environmental | Lead Name: Katinka Rokkjær Ødegaard & Hannah Grace Klemmensen

  • Phones4RefugeesEngland, UK(2019)

    Obtaining used phones and distributing them amongst refugees who are in need.

    Genre: Refugee support | Lead Name: Tom Pugh