Projects Awarded


Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in Africa with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • Vijana Imara (Resilient Teenagers)Mukangu, Kenya(2017)

    The project's main aim was to reach out to young people in the Mukangu village and have discussions and create awareness on topics that are seen as taboo such as HIV/AIDS, consent, menstruation, sex education, gender based violence etc.

    Genre: Sex Education | Lead Name: Shamim Mohamed Ibrahim & Hannah Brendell

  • Wash4PeaceSakyikrom, Ghana(2017)

    Sakyikrom Primary School has poor toilet facilities, affecting attendance among female students. The project aimed at improving access to sanitation through establishing a toilet composting system, engendering a sustainable circular economy.

    Genre: Health and Construction | Lead Name: Akomea Richard Owusu & Lamine Sega Male

  • The Journey Much DesiredMalawi, (2017)

    The Journey Much Desired is an autobiographic novel following a refugee's life in Malawi and later in Swaziland, focusing on the struggles of being a refugee youth, and the continual disruption of education and friendships.

    Genre: Literature | Lead Name: Koffi John Michael

  • Give Back StrengthNiamey, Niger(2017)

    This project from UWC Mostar and UWC USA students was developed to teach women from suburbs of Niamey in Nigeria the who suffer from obstetric fistula, how to sew African print dresses and sell these to the local people.

    Genre: Entrepreneurship | Lead Name: Hadjaratou Gado Alzouma & Abdoul Nasser Bounia Yahya

  • Kenyan Youth for PeaceNairobi, Kenya(2017)

    Following the post election violence in 2007, the project was a conference with the youth (high school students) to enlighten them on how to fight tribalism and build a more united Kenya in the face of the upcoming elections.

    Genre: Education and Politics | Lead Name: Nawal Abdulrahman Ali & Shamim Mohamed

  • Creating a Sustainable NaijaAbuja, Nigeria(2017)

    This project seeks to introduce the practice of recycling to Nigerian cities as a solution to the hygiene challenges in these cities and as a way to care for the environment and promote sustainability through youth involvement and public awareness.

    Genre: Environment | Lead Name: Melie Ekunno

  • Save Village Teens Tororo ProjectTororo, Uganda(2017)

    A project to fight teenage pregnancies, marriages, and early child-parenthood in rural parts of Tororo, Uganda.

    Genre: Health and Education | Lead Name: Abbo Jackline & Mariasofia Zanoni

  • I Am MalawiMalawi, (2017)

    The project is about youth empowerment and development. Give the youth access to information by providing internet services in the workshops, and also promoting entrepreneurship by teaching skills such as sewing.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name:

  • Inspiration For HerSierra Leone, (2017)

    Inspiration for Her is gearing towards organizing conferences for girls on the general theme "BREAKING THE BARRIERS TO GIRL CHILD EDUCATION" discussed on various sub topics. Ending with giving scholarships and school materials to promising girls.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Nelson McEwen & Hoody Abdul Ballah Kargbo

  • Adriatic Aid – Reaching out to KiberaNairobi, Kenya(2017)

    This project intended to reach out to children in primary schools in Kibera as a means of targeting a larger population by supplying them with water purifying chemicals and basic scholastic materials.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Ahmed Faiz Hassan Hussein, Anguyo Augustine & Michael Modi