Be original! Originality is one way of challenging yourself. Do something you haven’t done before.

Go on… Apply today and start your journey to make a difference

The GoMakeADifference grant is awarded to successful applicants who are students in their final year at any UWC school or college from around the world. Please ensure that you meet the criteria before completing and submitting your application and are aware of how the projects will be assessed.

When applying tell us a bit about yourself and how you believe your project would make a difference. Let us know of any other team members involved, what you are hoping to achieve and how you will deliver your project. We would like you to submit a project plan as part of your application.

Please complete the form below and upload your plan together with other supporting documentation you feel is relevant. Your application will be reviewed and we will contact you in due course.


Closing date for 2018 applications is 31st January 2018.

Project Summary
  • (Choose a formal title for your project - keep it short and memorable)
  • (In no more than 50 words, give an outline of what the project is about)
Project Leader 1
  • (In no more than 100 words, tell us about yourself and how you came to decide on your project)
Project Leader 2
  • (In no more than 100 words, tell us about yourself and how you came to decide on your project)
Add Supporting Documents & Send

WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO WRITE A PROJECT PLAN with two objectives in mind.

First is to explain what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to deliver it.
Second to demonstrate that you have a properly thought-out plan and that you have considered all the risks and rewards.

The contents of the plan should include, but need not be limited to:

  • The title of your project, what you want your project to be known as
  • The objectives of the project, what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to deliver it.
  • Details of any supporting/sponsoring organisation or NGO
  • An in-depth analysis of what you are going to be doing, including a timetable
  • Details of your team
  • What enduring benefits will the project leave behind?
  • What are the personal challenges you and your team will face?
  • What are the largest risks to success and how will they be addressed?
  • How will you measure the success of the project?
  • A budget incorporating the following headings:
    • Travel (air and overland costs)
    • Accommodation costs
    • General living costs
    • Other costs
    • Total
  • If these costs exceed the maximum grant award of $1,000, how will you raise the difference?
  • Please state the currency you are using in your budget, use one currency throughout, whichever is the most logical for you. However, in order to understand the costs across all applications, please also list convert and display your costs in US dollars.
  • Name the member of faculty who will be signing off your project plan.
  • Include a full list of the names and nationalities involved.
  • To ensure we can contact you after you have left your UWC College, please add in your non-UWC email address with your application.

Photo of Lia Quartapelle

I cannot forget what we learnt and the service we gave in 2001, and now, in my new position as MP, I am very proud of what we did and grateful for the opportunity I had.

— Lia Quartapelle (member of the Italian Democratic Party)