Projects Awarded


Below is a sample of some of the projects which UWC students have made a difference in Africa with GoMakeADifference’s support.

  • Camp BlueEntebbe, Uganda(2023)

    A mental awareness boot camp held at St. Mary’s College Kisubi in July 2023, registered overwhelming success. Stimulating the minds of over 57 students who engaged in an essay writing competition, some participated in a talent showcase for mental health where there were entries informed of musicals and simple skits to demonstrate the relevance of mental health.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Rubangakene Deogracious

  • Togo Micro-Farming ProjectBikpassiba/Bassar, Togo(2023)

    72 farmers received a set of three hand tools each. The 72 beneficiaries were comprised of 7 people from 10 different households (the total number of households in the village), the village chief, and the village elder.

    Genre: Agriculture | Lead Name: Abdou-Latifou Dare

  • Niger Youth Empowerment Project (YEP)Niamey, Niger(2023)

    Working closely with young people covering leadership, entrepreneurship, mental health, and humanitarian activities.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Raouda Mamane Bello Boubacar Kinassa & Yacine Badamassi

  • Pads To Keep Them In SchoolKiryandongo, Uganda(2023)

    This project aimed to empower underprivileged women and young teenage girls with the skills to produce reusable sanitary pads while also educating them about menstrual hygiene. The project does not only fight the challenges faced by refugee girls due to the lack of access to sanitary products but also aims to promote social justice and environmental sustainability.

    Genre: Health & Education | Lead Name: Puri Goyo & James Achuli

  • Le Futur est à Nous (LFN)Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo(2023)

    Le Futur est à Nous SummerCamp is a project that began with the need to educate Congolese youth about environmental sustainability and, more specifically, to reduce the pollution caused by plastic waste.

    Genre: Environmental | Lead Name: Samuella Kabila

  • Hydro-PureLethoso, South Africa(2021)

    HydroPure involved construction of the excavation trenches, inserting pipes in the ground, backfilling, and installing the three standpipes – activities performed by the villagers under the instruction and supervision of a plumber and water engineer. This doubled the water taps spread across the village, feeding roughly into 600 households.

    Genre: Water Supply | Lead Name: Nthati & Morero Mofolo

  • Live It, Learn ItBwaise, Uganda(2021)

    Live it Learn it — otherwise known as L&L — is a science club for primary school students, dedicated to reinforcing classroom knowledge through low-cost experiments and real-world examples.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Juliana Kidde & Mia Adriko

  • Mpaka Keepod ProjectMpaka Refugee Camp, Eswatini(2020)

    To provide Keepod devices with offline academic resources for students in Mpaka Refugee Camp.

    Genre: Education | Lead Name: Xinran Wang & Yeyuxi Yi

  • Bosofe Ha Se ThohakoLesotho, Lesotho(2020)

    To spread awareness about albinism and donate sunscreen to Basotho with albinism.

    Genre: Healthcare | Lead Name: Matlala Sefale & Toka Tumahole

  • Reducing period poverty in Liberia sustainablyMonrovia, Liberia(2020)

    The project focuses on providing inmate information and workshops on the production of reusable pads

    Genre: Healthcare | Lead Name: D.Cherish Ade Vankan