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One Tree = One Tourist

This simple message of 1 Tourist = 1 Tree helped to raise the awareness and motivate tourists to plant trees. Each tourist pays £10 to plant a tree and have their name engraved on that tree.

— Details at a glance
Project Title One Tree = One Tourist
Year 2011
Location Sagaratha National Park
Country Nepal
Genre Reforestation
Lead Name(s) Sajjan Karki & Julius Tian-Di Bleinroth
Other Organisations Money goes to Buddhist Debouche Monestery
Value $1,000

Project details:

One Tree = One Tourist is a project launched by Sajjan Karki and Julius Bleinroth, who wanted to help solve the issue of deforestation in Sagarmatha National Park - home to Mount Everest. They dreamt up a plan that would encourage tourists in Nepal to plant trees in the park.

Sajjan and Julius worked with a local tourism agency and 10 hotels in Namche Bazaar to sell a tree to each tourist for £10. The visitors then took the trees to the Sagarmatha National Park, and planted them in designated areas.

Each tree was inscribed with the tourist’s name, and they received a certificate to prove that they had adopted and planted a tree in the park. As such, the project not only helped the environment; it also caused visitors to form an emotional connection with the Nepal and encourage them to return, ultimately benefitting the local tourism market in the long term.

What they said:

The people who succeed in these hard times are those who are not afraid to fail. GoMAD made us realize our potential.

— Sajjan Karki & Julius Tian-Di Bleinroth