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Providing agricultural skills to the youths and raise awareness about sustainability.

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Project Title Youthganda
Year 2019
Location Tororo
Country Uganda
Genre Sustainability
Lead Name(s) Patrick Wilson Oketcho & Jo Saito
Other Organisations N/A
Value $1000
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What they said:

Solving a problem theoretically seems much easier than in reality. Through this project, me and my team were able to navigate through a difficult terrain to ensure that the project was a success. Through each step of the project that we passed through, the challenges we encountered guided us with what we should work on. This project gave me the opportunity to interact with my community in a way that I had not felt before. The smiles on the faces of the students as we improved their school compound was our motivation because this made us learn that what we were doing created joy to other.

— Patrick Wilson Oketcho & Jo Saito