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Child Marriage and HIV/AIDS awareness

Give awareness about child marriage and HIV/AIDS to young girls

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Project Title Child Marriage and HIV/AIDS awareness
Year 2019
Location Mogovolas and Mecuburi
Country Mozambique
Genre Healthcare
Lead Name(s) Geraldo António Sibinde
Other Organisations N/A
Value $1000
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Post-project comments:

There are so many things that happened and we were not expecting. If I could run the project again I could print more than two thousand booklets, so more people can have the booklet. My project includes HIV/AIDS and I did talk about it as it is directly connected to Child Marriage, but something that I did not take into consideration is where people get the prevention methods, I mean Condoms and other contraceptives, but where I run the project I had with me a package of 144 condoms and some people asked me for them without me showing them, having a box of condoms would be a plus in this project.

What they said:

The project was really powerful it showed how privileged some of us are, when those young girls were telling their stories and as I could observe some kids walking down the streets with kids in their backs. I became more grateful and I empathize more with people's stories.

— Geraldo António Sibinde