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Establish environmental network amongst state youth, share learning, ideas, visit schools to encourage same

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Project Title TennYEN
Year 2011
Location Tennessee
Country USA
Genre Youth environmental education
Lead Name(s) Laura Rigell & Alex Durand
Other Organisations N/A

Project details:

The Tennessee Youth Environmental Network (TennYEN) is a project that was started by Laura Rigell and Alex Durand, which encourages youth to promote an environmentally-sustainable lifestyle at home, work and school. Laura and Alex spent their gap year travelling across the state to recruit new members to TennYEN, and encourage them to work together for sustainability and conservation in Tennessee.

Members of the network receive updates, resources and opportunities to get involved in local and state-wide campaigns. For example, one campaign that TennYEN encouraged students to get involved in was a pledge that 25% of a school’s net energy use would come from renewable sources by 2025.