Projects Awarded


This diverse project made a difference to various people in South America. Support included: Working with orphans who were victims of violence to help them to regain trust and develop their potential. Raising environmental awareness and the importance of preserving the Amazon with CIMA at the Cordillera Azul National Park. Teaching English in favelas of Rio, increasing the skill set of teenagers to make them more employable and deter them from crime. Furthermore, the reform of a school in rural Brazil with the help organized from a local engineer.

— Details at a glance
Project Title Educate
Year 2008
Location Tarapoto, Cordillera Azul/Rio De Janeiro, Fazenda Santo Antonio
Country Peru/Brazil
Genre Assisting Orphanage, Teaching English, Reconstructing Schools
Lead Name(s) Harlem Siu Marino Saavedra, Elisa de Denaro Vieira & Alan Fremder Utria
Other Organisations Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro & CIMA
Value $14,280