Case Studies

Macedonia Networking 101

Case Study: Networking 101 – International Youth Networking Academy

Ana Arsovka, Isidora Cvetkovska and Kliment Serafimov hosted a 2-week camp called ‘Networking 101: International Youth Networking Academy’ in Macedonia. Over 40 participants from around the world attended the academy, where they learned about a wide range of topics, including business, programming and maths – while making valuable connections with other international students.


Currently, Macedonia is facing an educational crisis, as numerous protests have taken place in opposition of ongoing reforms. As such, Ana, Isidora and Kliment wanted to provide Macedonian students with the chance to work together to improve their knowledge in a specific discipline while establishing lasting partnerships and networks.

They brainstormed the idea of a Networking Academy after agreeing on the importance of being part of an international network of smart and ambitious people. They decided to host an academy that would provide young people in Macedonia with the opportunity to build such a network, in hopes of helping to accelerate the process of developing more cosmopolitan values across the country.

Mission Statement

“This academy has an objective to raise the level of tolerance and understanding in the local community by providing a platform for presenting different perspectives and ideas. By forming a network between engaged, motivated and interested youngsters, the academy helps the Macedonian society to raise its awareness for the development of social activism”.

How They Made A Difference

The academy offered three different courses for participants to choose from:

  1. Exploring Political and Economic Ideas through Debate
  2. Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship
  3. Introduction of Software Engineering through Game Development

Participants who were involved in the academy were able to learn more about an area of interest, while bonding with other students from Macedonia and around the world. They left the academy having made new friends, experienced personal development and engaged in a valuable educational experience.

Bozidar Stankovikj, an academy participant says:

“A few Macedonians, an Israeli, a Peruvian, a Bosnian, a French person and a Mostwana are sitting on a table. On the same table, there sit mathematicians, debaters, programmers, economists, chemists, historians, physicists and aspiring politicians. On that very table, there are young, ambitious minds with incredible amounts of potential that are both ready and willing to change the world”

How The Project Made A Difference for the Volunteers

By organising the academy, Ana, Kliment and Isidora experienced a great deal of professional development. The academy consisted of various courses, lectures and workshops, the organisation of which required plenty of planning and impressive leadership skills. Putting to use the skills they learned while studying at UWC, they tackled this complex task with stellar results. Participants were pleased with the experience, and credit the academy with helping them build valuable networks.