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Kenya and Uganda summer project

Slum in Kibera, Nairobi, clearing water system blocked by rubbish, work in orphanage, in Gulu, Uganda working in Internally displaced peoples camp.

— Details at a glance
Project Title Kenya and Uganda summer project
Year 2011
Location Nairobi & Gulu
Country Kenya/Uganda
Genre Health
Lead Name(s) Sheila Namirembe
Other Organisations N/A
Value $1,227

Project details:

Sheila Namirembe wanted to make a difference in her native country of Uganda. She spent five weeks in her homeland and in Kenya, performing general community assistance for farms, schools and orphanages.

In Kalungu, Uganda, an area that suffers from devastating deforestation, her team started a nursery bed with 1500 seedlings. She has maintained contact with the district chairman to receive updates about the growth of the trees. She also used GoMakeADifference funding to purchase equipment for a disabled people’s orphanage and donate gardening equipment to Bukulula Fisherman’s Village.

Sheila and her team and provided crucial healthcare to students. In two schools, her team helped to de-worm 600 children from the ages of 3 to 11. Another important educational campaign was the promotion of Information Technology training, as her team providing basic computer lessons to teenagers.

Post-project comments:

Implements were purchased to assist in food production. 1500 seedlings were planted to reduce effects of deforestation. 600 children were de-wormed in 2 schools. Basic computer skills were taught to children in the Kibera Slum.Garden forks were donated to helps clear water hyacinth and allow fishing.

What they said:

The 5 weeks spent in Kenya and Uganda were eye opening to me... I have been shaped by my UWC AC experience.

— Sheila Namirembe