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Go with the flow, Period

This project is on reaching out to the silent necessities of menstruating homeless women and girls.

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Project Title Go with the flow, Period
Year 2019
Location Nairobi
Country Kenya
Genre Healthcare
Lead Name(s) Elizabeth Kako Gimba
Other Organisations N/A
Value $1000
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Post-project comments:

Throughout the process of organising the logistics of the project we learned the value of doing an evaluation of the project and our target group by going to areas where they are found to assess their situations on the ground. Additionally, the value of teamwork has been emphasised even further and this has been brought about especially by partner organisations who helped us easily connect to our target group. In terms of the project execution, I learnt that it is okay to be flexible in terms of accommodating for the needs of those one is serving.

What they said:

This project has made us learn that there is a lot going on the streets of Nairobi and has inspired us to think deeper on how we will continue helping women and girls beyond menstruation and towards sexual and mental health support.

— Elizabeth Kako Gimba