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Agola Village Fish Farming Project

Reduce poverty through improved fish farm and modern agriicultural practices, increasing income of farmers, promote unity in group members.

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Project Title Agola Village Fish Farming Project
Year 2013
Location Agola
Country Uganda
Genre Poverty reduction
Lead Name(s) Bartholomew Gavana
Other Organisations Agola Fish Farmers
Value $1,100

Project details:

Batholomew Gavana launched the Agola Farming Project to improve the effectiveness of fish farming methods used in the village of Agola, Uganda. Farmers in Agola were trained on better fish farming methods – from breeding to harvesting the fish. The overall project helped to boost the villge's output, resulting in more food for residents and a general improvement to the local economy. Another benefit is that more women in the community are now involved in fish farming in Agola.

Post-project comments:

Too much rain delayed finding a suitable excavation site to build a fish pond. Instead a fishpond was hired and stocked, which resulted in being more economical as initial cost of new pond was time consuming and expensive. Drastic improvement of women involvement in the community.