2016 Awards

Be original! Originality is one way of challenging yourself. Do something you haven't done before.

2016 Awards

Below is the list of GoMakeADifference's 2016 winners.

GoMakeADifference has this year been expanded to all UWC schools and colleges – with 30 grants being awarded of $1,000 each for UWC students to go, make a difference immediately after they graduate.

In 2016, UWC students delivered community projects in eighteen countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. They designed and developed each of the projects themselves, based on a wide variety of global challenges and contexts. The founders, Colin Habgood and Jill Longson, were impressed and moved by the diversity and quality of projects and the obvious commitment from applications.

There were a significant number of applications to choose from and deciding on which projects should be worthy of an award proved difficult. All applications were considered in great detail and were awarded on the originality of the project, the level of impact and sustainability they will have, the level of personal development and challenge for the students and their likelihood for success.

In true UWC spirit, some projects were delivered by students coming together across more than one school/college. Led by Blessing Chirimbani from UWC RCN, with support from UWC RBC and UWC Mahindra - ‘A voice for the voiceless’ project will refurbish a boys’ home and provide a better education environment in Zimbabwe. Other UWC team efforts include the Kabul Model UN project, which will be run in Afghanistan by Massiullah Faqiri from UWC Adriatic and Muheb Laheeb Akbar from UWC in Mostar. Together with the mini projects in Baltistan ran by Anila Bano from Li Po Chun UWC and Noor Bibi from UWC Mostar.

2016 project awards are listed below and we wish them all the greatest of success in delivering their projects:

The team at GoMakeADifference would like to thank everyone who submitted an application this year and hope that somehow they can all still deliver their projects. We would also like to thank the UWC GoMakeADifference Co-ordinators at the various colleges in helping promote the award scheme and with applications.

We hope the GoMakeADifference projects awarded this year will inspire students to start to think about how they could make a difference in 2017.

Over the coming weeks we hope to update this website with details of the projects and the difference they made.

— 2016 Awards (last updated: 26 August 2020, 1:03 pm)
Project Title Project Leader(s) College(s) Project Location
Project Title: A voice for the voiceless Project Leader(s): Blessing Chirimbani, Tafara Gava College: UWC Red Cross Nordic, UWC Robert Bosch College Project Location: Belvedere, Harare, Zimbabwe
Project Title: Atlantic Pacific Tsunami Boat Project Project Leader(s): Gabriel Moberg, Ben Davies College: UWC Atlantic College Project Location: Kamaishi, Japan
Project Title: Bairo Pite Clinic Volunteering and Fog-Condensing Nets Project Leader(s): Anya Rosen-Gooding College: UWC South East Asia Project Location: Dili, East Timor
Project Title: Better place for an education to forgotten Himalayan Children Project Leader(s): Karma Wangyal Gurung, Sonam Gurung College: UWC Red Cross Nordic Project Location: Boudha and Kathmandu, Nepal
Project Title: Children and Teenagers have something to say Project Leader(s): Junior Alexis Sanchez Prado College: UWC Atlantic College Project Location: Peru
Project Title: Ebola orphans zero stigmatization Project Leader(s): Abu Bakarr Conteh College: UWC Atlantic College Project Location: Makeni, Bombali District, Northern Sierra Leone
Project Title: Fighting Infant Mortality Project Leader(s): Olivia Eli Tienin College: UWC Atlantic College Project Location: Burkina Faso
Project Title: GoCup Project Leader(s): Nalani Ivelic Astorga, Trisha Kibugi College: Li Po Chun UWC Project Location: Kenya
Project Title: Greenland: Breaking the Negative Patterns Project Leader(s): Coco Emilie Ardal Toft, -TAG- Amalie Ziegler Steen College: UWC Costa Rica Project Location: Sisimuit, Greenland
Project Title: Hearts over Labels Project Leader(s): Oshin Bista College: UWC in Mostar Project Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
Project Title: Kabul Model UN 2016 Project Leader(s): Massiullah Faqiri, Muheb Laheeb Akbar College: UWC Adriatic, UWC in Mostar Project Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Project Title: Liter of Light China Project Leader(s): Zhengping Zhang, Caifang Du College: UWC Maastricht Project Location: Rugao, Nantong, China
Project Title: Lus-ycling Project Leader(s): Kirsty Hawke, Sofia Corti College: UWC Atlantic College Project Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Project Title: Off-shore Project Leader(s): Ana Pereda, Luis D'introno College: UWC-USA Project Location: Vargas, Venezuela
Project Title: Seed Project Campo Grande Project Leader(s): Fernanda Savaris Nunes, Rosalie Valentiny College: UWC Adriatic Project Location: Campo Grande City, Brazil
Project Title: Two mini projects - local issues forum and creating an educational space Project Leader(s): Anila Bano, Noor Bibi College: Li Po Chun UWC, UWC Mostar Project Location: Ghizer-Gilgit, Baltistan
Project Title: Water for Life Project Leader(s): Guljahon Ruzadorova College: Li Po Chun UWC Project Location: Derzud Village, Tajikistan
Project Title: Water supply project at Freetown Cheshire Home Project Leader(s): Bassie Bondeva Turay, Haja Isatu Bah College: UWC Red Cross Nordic Project Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Project Title: You are human, so are they Project Leader(s): Anchel Pablo, Joanna Makhlouf College: UWC Dilijan Project Location: Aragon, Spain
Project Title: Youth Rise Project Leader(s): Nomfanelo Hlophe, Sifiso Mbhokazi College: Pearson College UWC Project Location: Swaziland